Lots of snow today in the Netherlands, and also in my hometown.

I thought it was a good time to decorate the Christmas tree.


The Samsung S8 can take nice pictures as well

The Samsung S8 can take nice pictures as well

In the past I’ve shown photographs taken with my trusty Canon 500D. Unfortunately, I don’t always carry that on me. For those moments, I am glad that my smartphone can take at least decent enough pictures. Taken with my Samsung S8 over the last two weeks:

Urban Photo Race Amsterdam 2017

Urban Photo Race Amsterdam 2017

Last saturday I “competed” in the Urban Photo Race Amsterdam 2017 together with my dad. I say “competed” because after seeing the other entries I’m amazed by the eye of other people for uniqe images, and their ability to capture this on camera. Most of the images are in a closed Facebook group, but keep an eye on their website for some examples.

Checkpoint 1

The day started out bright and early at Café Brandstof on the Marnixstraat, we got our badges, the location of the second checkpoint, and the first three (out of six total) themes that we were supposed to capture that day. They were “I’ve finally become and old guy” – Anton Corbijn, “On track” and “Not close enough.”

Not all images had to be captured in order, so there was time until eight o’ clock that evening to find the best shots. Here are my photos for the first three themes.

“I’ve finally become and old guy” – Anton Corbijn

On track

Not close enough

Checkpoint 2

After wandering past Waterlooplein and Rembrandtplein, we made our way to the second Checkpoint at Frederiksplein. We got our cards stamped and received the next two themes: “Noise” and “Body language.”


Body language

Checkpoint 3

By now we were already past the 15 kilometers of walking and biking, but still 1 more theme to go, so off we went to Nieuwmarkt, to checkpoint 3, where we received our final theme of the day – “Warm.” Appropriate, since the sun had really started to shine by then and the temperature had risen considerably.


After checking that we were satisfied with the pictures we had taken during the day, we slowly made our to checkpoint 4, along the way capturing the final image for the competition’s global theme “Water in the city”.


At checkpoint 4 we handed in our badge, transferred our images and after close to 10 hours in Amsterdam, decided to go home.

Other photos

Ofcourse it is impossible to walk through Amsterdam for that amount of time without seeing other noteworthy images. Below a few of the photos that I also took that day, even though they could not find any of the themes, or I took a “better” photo.

Moving a git repo to a subdir of an existing repo, keeping history


I wanted to move several git repositories into an existing repo as part of a restructuring of related projects. A quick google turned up the above link and  I reproduced the important parts here for safekeeping, adjusted slightly for Windows:

  1. Get a local copy of the repository containing the project being pulled in
  2. Modify the local copy to move all of the files into a subdirectory
  3. Add the local copy as a fake “remote” to our larger project
  4. Pull the local “remote” in, thereby pulling the entire history along with it
cd old-project
md new-name
move *.* .\new-name 
git commit -a -m "Preparing old project for move"

After that, the old repo contains only 1 folder, new-name, which will become the name of the subfolder of  this project in the target repository.

cd new-project 
git remote add temp https://url-to-old/repository.git
git fetch temp 
git merge temp/master --allow-unrelated-histories
git remote rm temp

Now, push the new-project (or existing project) and you’re done, keeping the history of the old-project in it’s new home.